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The Range of Portrait Packages

MichaelPaul Photographer like to conduct this kind of photography as an event where we work with the family,
the group of friends, or the individual to capture those photos in a style that suits you, and in a location of your choosing.

The location can be the garden of your house, Stanley Park, The Alverbank Hotel, Gosport Sundial
or Foster Gardens to name but a few.

There are many other locations to choose from and you may have ideas of your own…these ideas would be
most welcome…

MichaelPaul Photographer will arrange with our customers the locations in which they would be happy
to use for the backdrops…

Typically the photographic event would visit two possible three locations and this PhotoShoot will take half a day…  
Individual PhotoShoots

This package is idea for portraits that are used for the office foyer or corporate board room or the
company newsletter…

Dj Bandit completed a series of images that includes post production technique to be used in
promotion work…

The Classic Family Portraits

The best photos of children are the ones where they have happy smiling faces…          

A fun day out where the children are running around and even jumping on one of the parents or indeed both.

These PhotoShoots are designed to be fun…We can include the more formal pictures within the
relaxed settings…

The Friend Group Portraits

Weather the group of friends are at work…rest…or play together our friends form a part of the
memories of life…

Occasions to remember are these that we enjoy, from our Birthdays…to Holidays…or just that day out…

These Family and Friend Group Portraits are designed to interact with between
three to five persons.

À la carte
Canvas Prints
12 x 16 ... £39.99  16 x 20 ... £49.99  20 x 24 ... £59.99
Framed A3 Prints ... £29.99   Unframed A3 ... £19.99
8 x 10 ... £14.99   5 x 7 ... £9.99  A6 ... £4.99
Photographer’s Fee’s ... £20.00 Per Hour ... Minim of two hours  
Our Canvases are Full Gallery Wrap
*Size are 12x16 inches (30x40 cm) 16x20 inches (40x51 cm) 20x24 inches  (51x61 cm)
The A3 Print are in a 16x20 inches  (40x51 cm) Frame
Prints (A4) 8x10 inches  (20x26 cm) (A5)5x7 inches  (12.7x17.7 cm)
A6 4.1x5.8 (10x14.8cm)

A Year With Family Packages

Each of these Family Packages contains a choice of visits that could include your home, the park,

beach or the studio…

Each PhotoShoot Visits last about two hours…Select from  the following

Family Pack One

1 x Canvas 12x16*

 2 x Prints 5x7*

4 x A6

Two Visits

For Just £99

(À la carte Price £139)

Family Pack Two

1 x Canvas 16x20*

 2 x Prints 8x10*

4 x A6

Three Visits

For Just £139

(À la carte Price £219)

Family Pack Three

1 x Canvas 20x24*

1 x A3 Framed Print

3 x Prints 8x10*

2 x Prints 5x7*

4 x A6

Four Visits

For Just £199

(À la carte Price £334)

Year With